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Salt Lamps

Health Benefits of Salt Lamps:
Our salt lamps are not a "medical device", but they may provide relief from
Asthma, Sinus, Alergies

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Salt Candle Holders

Salt lamps can be used for corrective light therapy and they can be used for preventative light therapy and to adjust our emotional conditions.

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Edible Salt

We have Himalayan Rock Salt in all forms i.e Refined Salt, Fine Ground, Granules, Coarse Salt, Iodized Salt, Table Salt or any other form of salt etc.

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Animal Lick Salt

We are producers of Animal Lick Salt of all sizes i.e 1-2kg, 2-3Kg, 4-6Kg, 6-8kg or any custom size required can be made along with rope.

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Himalayan Bath Salt

Our Himalayan Bath Salt is available in any size required i.e 0-2mm, 3-4mm, 4-6mm. Prefumed Bath Salt also available

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Himalayan Salt Blocks

Himalayan Salt Block is used in building salt rooms & also used in cooking as Salt Plates on stove. Its available in any size required.

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Perfumed Colored Bath Salt Perfumed Colored Bath Salt
Perfumed Colored Bath Salt
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Sheep Skin Nappa Leather Jackets

We can custom make high quality Sheep Skin Nappa Leather Jackets as per your design & demand..